Due to supplier being ridiculously slow, I am out of 30ml bottles at the moment. Any 30ml orders will be sent in a 50ml bottle or 3x 10ml bottles if there are some pre-mixed bottles



Kraken Ecigs advanced personal vapourisers, ecig mods, pipes and variable voltage including the smok chrome epipe and magneto telescopic mod!

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Sign The Save Ecigs Letter To Jane Ellison MP

On the 8th October 2013 the E.U. Council voted against medicalisation of ecigs in a surprise swing, as more MP's and MEP's realised the greater public health implications. The fight is not yet over.

Your choice to vape instead of smoke is at risk thanks to the E.U Parliament and our own MHRA so stand up and be counted. Let them know what vaping has done for you and your family.


Visit the http://www.saveecigs.com site and sign the letter to Jane Ellison with only a couple of clicks. Ask your friends to do the same.