Kraken Ecigs will be taking a short break from September 5th to September 19th to recharge the batteries and get some new products refined and ready to go!

Order cut-off is 11:59pm on September 4th.Any Orders made after this time will be processed when I return and shipped out on Monday 22nd

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Bauway CE5 Clearomiser
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Xtar WP2 II Charger
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The Red Lady
Sign The Save Ecigs Letter To Jane Ellison MP

On the 8th October 2013 the E.U. Council voted against medicalisation of ecigs in a surprise swing, as more MP's and MEP's realised the greater public health implications. The fight is not yet over.

Your choice to vape instead of smoke is at risk thanks to the E.U Parliament and our own MHRA so stand up and be counted. Let them know what vaping has done for you and your family.


Visit the site and sign the letter to Jane Ellison with only a couple of clicks. Ask your friends to do the same.